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At Lynbrook Vet we are committed to the cause of the Greyhound. We routinely acquire greyhounds that are unwanted in the racing industry, assess their suitability for rehoming, foster the suitable dogs and find homes for them. In this endeavour we work closely with the Greyhound Safety Net, an organisation that has been working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds. Few things give us more satisfaction than to see a greyhound transition smoothly from racing to the couch and find a forever home.

Once a home is found we work closely with the new owners to provide support throughout the greyhound’s life. Both Dr Kunal and Dr Alina have worked with greyhounds and are well versed in greyhound medicine and surgery and the nuances of this breed and so are qualified to provide reliable advice regarding greyhounds.

Greyhounds have a kind and mild manner. They look big but are not very brave. They are built for speed not endurance which means that a 45 min walk per day is all the exercise that this dog needs. They love to spend the majority of their day curled up in a couch or bed. They are an easy pet to have and maintain.

At Lynbrook Vet we encourage and support greyhound adoption and fostering. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs or in fostering please contact us and we will be more than happy to support you in this process.


Surrendered: Oct 2018, Adopted: Waiting for a home Molly is one of the sweetest Greyhounds that we have fostered so far. She came to us the day …

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Surrendered – May 2018, Adopted – Sep 2018 Little Tyson had a rough start. When he was only three months old he was attached by a big …

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Surrendered – May 2018 Adopted – May 2018 This beautiful girl is Jessi. She set the record for the fastest adoption at one week. She sadly entered …

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Surrendered – Apr 2018 Adopted – July 2018 Kali was surrendered at 6 months of age when she damaged the growth plate in her knee. Her knee …

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Surrendered – Mar 2018 Foster Fail – April 2018 Piya was a fragile blue greyhound when she entered foster care. She had some surgical complications which took …

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Surrendered Feb 2018
Adopted Mar 2018

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Tara ( Star )

Surrendered – Oct 2017 Adopted –  Nov 2017 Tara was surrendered to the Greyhound Safety Net at the beginning of October 2017. She entered foster care with …

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Surrendered – June 2017 Adopted – Sept 2017 Rani was where it all started for us. She was surrendered to the Greyhound Safety Net at the end …

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