Greyhound Medicine and Surgery

Greyhound Vet

Greyhounds are a beautiful breed and our passion at Lynbrook Vet. These super dogs have several peculiarities relating to their skin, eyes, dental health, musculoskeletal systems, behavior and the need for special anaesthetic and pain management protocols. At Lynbrook Vet both Dr Kunal and Dr Alina have sufficient experience with this breed and are able to provide expert advise for your couch potato.

Dr Kunal is owned by two beautiful greyhounds whose images are all over this website. He is passionate about greyhound welfare and works closely with rescue groups such as Greyhound Safety Net to help foster, rehabilitate and find forever loving homes for surrendered greyhounds. You can read about the stories of our foster dogs under the adoption tab of our website.

At Lynbrook Vet your greyhound is in safe hands. Give us a call on 03 8373 0301 to make an appointment.

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