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COVID-19 and your pets

COVID- 19 is caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. There is not a definitive answer about whether this virus can infect pets at the moment. However, there …

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Why is my senior dog wetting their bed?

Sometimes as our dogs age we may start to notice some urinary accidents around the house or on their bedding. Alternatively, we may notice their fur appearing …

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Feeding guide for your dog

A common question a veterinarian gets asked is what and how much should I be feeding my dog? The answer varies based on their breed, age, activity …

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Caring for your Senior Pet

Has it been awhile since your senior pet has visited the vet? We know how quickly time can fly and with recent Christmas and New Year’s Eve …

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Grade 1 dental disease

Dental disease is much more common in our pets than most people realise. We know that people get dental disease and require regular dental check-ups and ultrasonic …

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Hot Spots (moist dermatitis)

As we wave goodbye to winter our thoughts turn to a hot summer and Christmas! Unfortunately, increases in temperature bring more than just beach days and barbecues. …

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Allergies and your pet

Spring has sprung! With the warmer weather, trees and plants flowering and more time spent outside comes an increase in allergies in our pets. An allergy is …

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Dental care for your pet

We all love our pets and as a result lots of face to face contact is often an important part of the time that we spend with …

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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance- why would I get it? For me personally as a veterinarian, it makes absolute sense for my clients to insure their pets. Your pet is …

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Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough)

Most people have heard the term Kennel Cough. This is the common name for a highly contagious respiratory infection seen in dogs. It is also often called …

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Is your Cat at risk of FIV ?

Your cat is at risk if it spends any time outdoors. This includes letting your cat outside to go toilet, potentially letting your cat outside in a mesh or wire pen or enclosure and allowing your cat outdoors when you go outdoors.

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Arthritis in Cats

Osteoarthritis in cats can be much more difficult to recognise than in dogs. It remains overall an under diagnosed disease although there is an increasing awareness for …

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Arthritis in Dogs

Did you know that 20% of dogs over 1 year of age have some form of osteoarthritis, with this percentage increasing to > 80% for dogs over …

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Desexing your dog or cat-when is the ideal time?

Are you the proud owner of a new puppy or kitten and are wondering what is the ideal age to get them desexed?

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Protecting your pets against fleas and worms

A question I often get asked by family and friends is what worming, flea and heartworm products are the best for their pet?

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How to become a veterinarian in Australia

Like a lot of children I spent my childhood days dreaming of what I would be when I grew up.

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Lynbrook Tales

Lynbrook tails is our blog through which we will provide relevant information about pet care, address animal welfare issues and clear any misunderstandings created by Dr Google.

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