Surgical Services

Surgery for your Pets

Our clinic is equipped to perform both routine and advanced surgical procedures. Routine procedures might involve de-sexing, stitching up lacerations and lump removals etc. Advanced procedures might involve orthopedic surgeries such as cranial cruciate ligament repair, medial patella luxation repair, fracture repairs or soft tissue surgeries such as mass removal with complicated skin flaps, eyes surgeries and removal of obstructing foreign bodies etc.

Our veterinarians are trained and have sufficient experience to handle most of the surgeries in house. For complicated cases we offer referral to veterinary surgical specialists with whom we work closely.

Regardless of whether your pet is undergoing a routine or advanced surgical procedure we offer the best care and attention to detail. After the procedure we provide support to our clients in the management of the patient in the postoperative period and follow up regularly to ensure that our patient is doing well.

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