Pet Consultations

Lynbrook Vet is Providing an Entire Range of Veterinary Services for Small Animal Patients. Work With Our Veterinary Specialists to Provide the Best Possible Care for your Pets!

We are open for consultation between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. A consultation is an opportunity for us to understand your concerns for your pet, gather relevant history, perform a comprehensive physical examination and based on all this information, to provide you with a tailored treatment plan. A consultation is not all business, it also provides us the opportunity to get to know our clients and to connect with them and with our patients on a personal level.

We provide house call services for those cases where our patients are unable to be brought to us.

When the difficult time comes to say goodbye to a cherished companion we provide a caring and sensitive euthanasia service. This can be performed conveniently at your home or in the clinic.

So if you are suspicious that your dog or cat might be arthritic, now would be a great time to have them seen by our experienced Veterinarians.

Please check out our blog for information about arthritis in dogs ( and cats (

We are here to help and just a phone call away. Please call  8373 0301 to make an appointment.

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