Surrendered February 2019 : Adopted: Looking for a forever home !

Shelley is a beautiful and loving, high energy 3 year old who was shy at first but very quickly attached herself to us and now likes to shadow us around the house. Shelley loves the outdoors and lights up at every opportunity to go for a walk – she will even tell you where the door is, in case you didn’t know.

She doesn’t know that couches are meant for humans and claimed ours on the first day..and has never looked back! She does what greyhounds do best – relax, sleep with her legs in the air (on the couch of course), wake up with a smile and at least twice a day, dig her head deep into your neck for a loving cuddle!

She is very interested in dogs that are not greyhounds and is trying to figure them out, she shows a lot of interest in them and wants to play. She is very patient with small children and will leave the room if it’s getting too loud ( as it often does in our home!). We have seen no signs of aggression from her. She can be weary of adults and her new owners will have to win her trust. Once that is done they will be rewarded with undying adoration and kisses from her. Shelly is a high energy greyhound and will benefit from having long walks and an area to do zooms in.

Shelly has lived in foster care with two other greyhounds and a family that are at home most of the day but will leave for several hours without much incident. We feel she is suited to a similar home with other dogs ( or just another dog)  to keep her company. 

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