Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool!

There are certain windows in a puppy’s life where socialisation and training is critical to their ongoing development and evolving personality. The first 16 weeks in a puppy’s life can help determine the kind of dog they will become.

Socialisation is important in helping our puppies form strong bonds and relationships with people, other animals and environments such as the vet clinic.

When we use the word ‘training’, we’re not just talking about your basic ‘sit, drop, stay’, we’re actually talking about their behaviour and how to create a settled and happy puppy so they can ultimately become an enjoyable member of your family.

At Lynbrook Vet, we are passionate about fostering a positive and enjoyable relationship between our clients and their dogs. There is nothing more satisfying than watching our puppy preschool graduates grow and mature.

What do we do in Puppy Preschool Classes?

Our puppy preschool classes are aimed for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks old as this is the peak, socialisation period. The cost is $100 for a 4 week course including 4, in person group sessions as well as an online puppy home care component.

The aim of our puppy school is to cover several aspects of new puppy ownership and training including but not limited to the following:

  • Socialisation with people, puppies, different environments and the veterinary clinic
  • Basic training
    • Walking on a lead
    • Sit
    • Wait & be patient
    • Look
    • Drop
    • Stay
  • Behaviour questions and answers & overview of the online content which includes:
  • Toilet Training
  • Biting
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Boredom behaviours

We even have a photographer come in to take graduation photos ready for a fun, last lesson inclusive of games, prizes and a graduation ceremony!

Class Dates & Times

 Our classes are run on weeknights, usually Wednesdays or Thursdays. Classes run for one hour starting at 6pm, 6:30pm or 7:15pm depending on the month.

To find out more or to book, please give our puppy preschool instructors Bec, Simone or Kristie a call on 8373 0301.

Special thanks to Furrever Pet Photography for their amazing graduation photos!

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