Puppy School


Lynbrook Vet
Online Puppy School and Drop off Socialisation Sessions for puppies 8 – 14 weeks old

Socialization is KEY to a puppy’s development and helps them form strong bonds and relationships with people and other animals.

At Lynbrook Vet, we are passionate about fostering a positive and enjoyable relationship between our clients and their dogs. If you are a new puppy owner this usually needs to start shortly after getting your puppy home. The first 14 weeks in a puppy’s life are critically important to their development and help determine the kind of dog they will become.

Drop off Socialization Sessions

We now have the option for your puppy to attend our drop off socialisation sessions. These sessions run for 30 minutes in which you leave your puppy with our experienced staff who will supervise your puppy as they socialize with other puppies their age (8 – 14 weeks old). This is also a great way for your puppy to form a bond with our staff and become familiar with and excited to be at our vet clinic!

At $15 a session, your puppy has the chance to learn how to play and behave around other dogs under constant supervision by our team. We take lots of photos and videos during these sessions and share these with you via our online portal so you feel as though you are there!

If your puppy is between 8 – 14 weeks old please give our puppy coordinator Bec a call on 8373 0301 or enter your details to submit an enquiry about your puppy attending DROP OFF SOCIALISATION SESSIONS!


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:15am and 12pm

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