Puppy School

At Lynbrook Vet we are passionate about fostering a positive and enjoyable relationship between our clients and their dogs. For a lot of our clients that have puppies, this process needs to start fairly soon after they get their new puppy home. The first 16 weeks in a puppy’s life are critically important to his or her development and help determine the kind of dog they will become.

During this period every experience the puppy has, every thing he or she smells, tastes, every one they meet and how this meeting goes, every misdeed they get away with produces neuronal connections that makes the puppy who they are and who they will become. Most puppies are obtained by owners around eight weeks of age which leaves the owner about eight further weeks to help give the puppy all the right experiences to help them become a well adjusted member of the family and society at large.

A well designed puppy school program provides the owners will all the tools and know how to provide the right experiences and training to their puppies during the critical 16 week period and set them up for success. The puppy school program a Lynbrook Vet is based on five key aspects.

Socialization – This is time sensitive and aims to provide the puppy with experiences that will allow them to successfully adapt to living in a home and a community as part of a human family.

Prevention – This is also time sensitive and aims to prevent the development of common behavioural problems such as aggression around food and misbehavior around children etc. The idea is to be proactive and prevent the development of such behaviours that might make the puppy or dog an undesirable member of the family.

Games: We talk about games that help develop a puppy’s confidence and which lead to appropriate behaviours.

Obedience – We go through very basic obedience training such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ which feed into other aspects of puppy training.

House training – Finally we also talk about how to toilet train your puppy so that once again we set them up for success and help them become an enjoyable member of the family rather than a nuisance.

We want our puppies to succeed and we want the bond between them and their new owners to be loving and strong. One of the cornerstones of this bond is a well-adjusted dog that conforms to the expectations of society. This process begins in the first 16 weeks. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip away. If you have a puppy and they are under 16 weeks, enroll in our puppy school and let is show you how best to set him or her up for success in your family.


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