About Lynbrook Vet

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an employer of choice in the veterinary industry, a practice of choice for clients and a center of learning and excellence for veterinary science.

Our Mission

To create a work place that supports, enables and engages its employees so that they may realize their true potential and provide exceptional service to animals and the community.

Our Values

Each Member of the Lynbrook Vet Team Embodies our Core Values.
This shared purpose is what motivates us to provide the best possible care to the animals that are brought to our clinic.

We are professional in the way we conduct ourselves, interact with others and strive for the highest quality of veterinary care.

We accept, acknowledge, appreciate and accommodate the needs and viewpoints of all our team members and clients.

We build trust with our clients and team members by demonstrating reliability, openness, generosity and credibility.
We adopt a growth mindset, embrace challenges and invite feedback and opportunities to help us grow.

Our Promise

To put the welfare of our patient at core of our decision making process

To ensure that our staff, patients and clients experience the genuine care that we have to offer.

To be truthful and honest in our communication with staff and clients

To remain committed to continuous improvement in technical and business aspects of veterinary practice so that our patients and clients get the best possible care and experience at all times

To provide customized treatment solutions for every case and never judge our clients decisions.

To be dedicated to the development and wellbeing of our staff so that they may feel engaged and happy at work.

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