Surrendered Nov 2019, Adopted Dec 2019

Simon is a beautiful and happy Greyhound. Simon was rescued by Greyhound Safety Net and he came to Stay with Dr Kunal and his family in December. From the very start, Simon was a super star. He was gentle with the children, respectful of the senior greyhounds in the home and did not try to eat Dr Kunal’s pet pigeon Becky ! He was easy to walk, would not pull and seemed to be social towards other dogs.

Greyhounds have a genetic affinity for the couch and he took over an entire three seater couch in Dr Kunal’s rumpus room so that when the family sat down for a bit of down time Dr Kunal and his wife would be on the carpet while Simon and they other greyhounds would be on the couches….such is life with greyhounds!

Simon was an absolute star at the art of ‘Greyranging’. For those that do not know ‘Greyraging’ is the act of a greyhound re- arranging small and large objects within the house. They pick things up in one place and ( hopefully without chewing them) will deposit them in another place. Simon caused Dr Kunal to be late to work several times as it would have been unprofessional for Dr Kunal to show up to work with just one shoe!

Simon was toilet trained from day one!

What an amazing list of accomplishments for a dog that has never been inside a home, never interacted with children or with dogs that are not greyhounds. It just goes to show that just like people, dogs have individual personalities and should be treated and recognised as such.

Simon found a loving and forever home with another greyhound ( and his humans) at the end of December and spent new years with his new family. Simon is one of the most beautiful greyhounds that we have ever fostered. We are confident that he will be a loving addition to his new family and will make them very happy. We wish Simon and his new family the very best for the years ahead. We will miss you buddy, you are a superstar!

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