Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Pet Services

At Lynbrook vet we are equipped with state of the art digital radiology and ultrasound machines.

Digital radiology allows us to capture high quality X-rays instantaneously. These images can then be manipulated and shared with ease allowing an easier and swifter diagnosis. X-rays are used to study not only the boney structures but also soft tissues organs and regions such as the heart, chest and abdomen.

Ultrasound is used predominantly to study the abdomen and the heart in small animal veterinary medicine. Ultrasound provides a very detailed image of the internal organs, which in the hands of an experienced veterinarian can provide a wealth of diagnostic information that can be combined with other tests and clinical signs to arrive at a diagnosis. We perform ultrasounds in house, but can also engage the services of specialized veterinary ultrasonographers who visit the clinic to perform these scans.

We have an association with an external veterinary laboratory for the analysis of our blood and tissue samples. Most blood results are returned the same or next day while the pathology results make take up to 3-4 days.

At Lynbrook Vet we have your pet covered for most diagnostic services. For advanced modalities such as CT and MRI we are able to organize a referral to a specialist center.

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