Surrendered – May 2018,

Adopted – Sep 2018

Little Tyson had a rough start. When he was only three months old he was attached by a big dog that left his jaw broken. He was not wanted anymore and was admitted into foster care. Surgery was done on his jaw to fix it and he so began his long road to recovery.

For the first 6 weeks he was required to wear a muzzle so that he would not chew on anything and undo the work we had done on his jaw. This was a difficult task for us personally as he would look as us with his pleading eyes and we could not do much about it. He was fed gruel during that time and soon the difficult weeks passed.

His muzzle came off after about 6 weeks and since then he has been making up for lost time by chewing anything and everything in the house. My other greyhounds could not stand him initially but now they adore him. My wife is in love and my daughter can’t be without him. This is going to be one sad good bye. Fortunately for Tyson he already has a home. The owners love him so much that they are changing their living arrangement to a property that allows dogs.

Tyson is one lucky pup and we will miss him sorely.

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