Making Surgery Stress Free: 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Vet!

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Choosing the right vet clinic for your furry friend’s surgery is a big decision. We understand it can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s a simple guide with essential questions to ask when comparing surgical costs.

1. Are pre-anaesthetic blood tests included in your quote?

Ensure your pet’s health by choosing a veterinary clinic that recommends and includes pre-anaesthetic blood tests as part of your pet’s procedure.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests assess crucial factors relating to your pet’s health such as their red and white blood cells, platelets, and organ function, providing peace of mind for a safe surgery. The results can also help us to alter your pet’s surgery and anaesthetic as required to best suit their body’s needs.

A dog having a blood test

2. Is an IV catheter placed?

An IV Catheter in a dog

IV catheters are vital! These life saving devices are placed in your pet’s vein, allowing constant IV access and swift medication administration, especially in the case of an emergency keeping your pet safe. 

IV catheters also allow us to connect your pet to a fluid drip (which we will explain in #3!).

At Lynbrook Vet, we place an IV in every patient, ensuring quick response and potentially life-saving measures.

3. Is IV fluid therapy included?

Because it should be!

IV fluid therapy has so many benefits, such as maintaining hydration, assisting in processing anesthetic medications post-surgery, and helping to manage blood pressure during the procedure.

Running constant fluid through your pet’s IV catheter also keeps the catheter clot free and ready to use in the case of an emergency.

A cat on an IV

4. Is pain relief provided, and for how long?

Medication given to a dog

Effective pain management is both compassionate and essential. Your pet is having surgery after all!

Pets should have pain relief throughout the entire recovery period, ensuring a pain-free and comfortable post-operative experience.

We also provide pain relief to our patients prior to their procedures as part of their premedication. This means your pet can keep comfortable before, during and after their procedure when preformed here at Lynbrook Vet.

5. How will you keep my pet safe during the procedure?

Safety during surgery is paramount. Your pet should be monitored by a trained anaesthetic nurse throughout the entire procedure, with a focus on respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Staff should be well-prepared to handle any emergencies or fluctuations in these parameters.

Post-surgery, your pet should be closely monitored until they are fully recovered.

The surgery process on a dog

Bonus Question: How will you communicate with me during the day and support me after the procedure?

A vet on the phone

We understand that leaving your pet for surgery can be nerve-wracking, but it shouldn’t have to be!

Here at Lynbrook Vet, all pet parents receive multiple messages throughout the day so you know your pet is ok!

Contact includes phone calls from your pet’s vet and nurses, and even text messages with photos updates from your pet themselves!

Your peace of mind is important so don’t hesitate to ask how the clinic plans to communicate with you throughout the day. 

Post-Surgery Support:

It is important that you and your pet are supported in the days to weeks following surgery, as these can sometimes be even more important than the surgery day itself! Enquire as to what kind of instructions you will be given post-surgery and whether your pet will receive a post- operative check.

All of our patients are provided with post-operative instructions in the form of paperwork and video instructions. You always have phone and email support from us as well!

More Information:

Making an informed decision when comparing surgical costs is crucial to ensuring your pet’s safety and well- being. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require further information.
Your pet’s health and happiness are our primary focus and we’re always here to help!
For excellence in pet care and 5-star service, contact our team today.
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    This is a little overdue to show my appreciation for the Lynbrook Vet team, especially Dr. Adrienne who looked after our furry family member. The service I received here is like no others. I received a thorough phone call consultation and … More quotes for different options. The dental surgery day came I was constantly being updated and picked my baby girl the same day. We can back for 2 nurses and 1 doctor post-surgery check up for free of charge. Now, my girls is fully recovered, eat well and a happy tail again.I can’t recommend this place enough to look after your furry friends. You can tell they truly care and the cost is appropriate as well.
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    They took very good care of my cat. Love that they sent messages pretending to be my cat. Nice that they sent updates and photos. I would highly recommend this VET clinic.
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    What a lovely experience! From the receptionists, consultants, vets & students, everyone was equally caring, knowledgeable and professional. The rooms were clean, the pricing was fair, the appointment was on time and easy to make. … More Thankyou for taking such good care of Moose team at Lynbrook Vet.

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