Lexi the Mischievous Pup's Epic Adventure

Meet the lively and lovable Labrador named Lexi who visited us earlier this month.

Lexi was a bundle of energy, with a tail that never stopped wagging and an appetite for adventure that was second to none. But with great curiosity came great consequence, as Lexi was about to demonstrate.

One fateful Friday evening, Lexi’s Mum noticed something peculiar. Lexi had been acting strangely, and it became evident that she had chewed on something she shouldn’t have.

As it turned out, Lexi had devoured a long piece of cotton fabric from her own bedding. Oh, the cheekiness of puppies!

The following day, Lexi seemed perfectly fine, her usual bright and bouncy self. She was eating and drinking with gusto, and it seemed like the cotton escapade was just a minor hiccup in her adventurous life. However, Sunday night brought an unexpected twist.

After a hearty dinner, Lexi started vomiting repeatedly. She settled but wasn’t quite herself. Lexi continued to act strange and so her loving and concerned Mum rushed Lexi to the Veterinary Referral Hospital (VRH) at the ungodly hour of 1am!!

Lexi, though uncomfortable, was a trooper on the way, but the vet at VRH suspected trouble.

The vet at VRH felt a thickened portion of intestines during the examination and noted that Lexi hadn’t defecated normally over the weekend. Lexi’s love for grass had also reached new heights. Something was definitely amiss.

She was referred back to us the next morning for an extended consultation and abdominal x-rays.

The x-rays revealed a troubling sight – multiple loops of distended small intestines and a colon clogged with fecal material. It was like a cotton carnival inside Lexi! Her Mum was informed of the situation, and a plan was made to admit Lexi for an enema procedure.

Pictured above: X-rays revealed foreign material inside Lexi's intestinal tract.
Pictured above: Lexi underwent surgery and her stomach and intestines were filled with grass and material from her bedding.

But wait, there was a twist in this cottony tale. 

During the enema, a 40 cm long piece of cotton string emerged from Lexi’s rectum, but it was tethered higher up. It was stuck! The vet recommended an exploratory laparotomy to look for the anchor point, which might be inside her stomach. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Lexi’s devoted Mum gave her consent and Lexi was taken to theatre.

Several hours later, with Lexi still under anesthesia, the vet successfully extracted the troublesome cotton string. It had run the entire length of her small intestine and colon, causing quite a commotion. Lexi was patched up with stitches, given antibiotics, and a stern recommendation to be transferred to Southpaws Moorabbin for ongoing care. This cottony adventure had taken a toll on her.

Fast forward to a few weeks and Lexi is back to her usual cheeky self.

Lexi’s tale serves as cautionary reminder to all pet owners that no matter how vigilant you might be, puppies can be naughty and cheeky, getting into all sorts of trouble!

We see cases like Lexi’s all the time and it essential to be prepared for emergencies, just like Lexi’s Mum was by having pet insurance, which saved a lot of stress and worry (and her wallet).

Pictured above: Lexi's gut was tied together by the string which was stuck inside!
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    I cannot recommend this vet clinic enough! I recently took my cat in for castration surgery and the whole experience was fantastic. The staff was incredibly caring and attentive, and they kept me updated with cute messages throughout each … More step of the process. I felt well-informed and confident that my cat was in good hands. I am so grateful for the excellent care they provided and will definitely be returning for any future pet needs. Thank you for everything!
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    Love love love this vet!!Updates all day and photos
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    We are very grateful to the team at Lynbrook Vet for the care and dedication in looking after our beautiful girl, Gemma. We so appreciate your courtesy and professionalism.Lynne and Ray Kidd.
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    We have been using Lynbrook Vet since they opened their doors, they have grown significantly since then, but we still receive the same amazing service from the team. We are always confident that we will get the information & care needed … More for our fur kids without pushing unnecessary extras, could not be happier with the level of care from the team.Everyone from the vets, nurses & reception team have been amazing, I have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anyone looking for a vet that they can feel confident with.
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    great staff and service

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