Wellness Plans: Affordable Pet Care for a Happier, Healthier Companion!

Do you ever worry about the cost of your pet’s veterinary consultations? Are you tired of scrambling to find the best deals on flea and worming treatments online? Do you find yourself concerned about what to do when your vet is closed and you need urgent advice? If any of these sound familiar, then a Wellness Plan is the solution you’ve been looking for, and more!

What is a Wellness Plan?

A Wellness Plan is a proactive approach to caring for your beloved dogs and cats. It’s a comprehensive program that combines essential services, procedures, and products to keep your pets in the best possible health. Members of the Wellness Plan enjoy discounted rates on various services, and the costs are conveniently spread out in monthly installments or an affordable yearly membership fee.

What sets a Wellness Plan apart from Pet Insurance?

Unlike Pet Insurance, which covers high costs when your pet gets sick or needs surgery, a Wellness Plan is all about maintaining your pet’s health and preventing problems before they arise. With unlimited discounted consultations and regular visits, you can ensure your pets stay healthy, and any potential issues are detected early.

Think of it like Yin and Yang – Wellness Plans and Pet Insurance complement each other, working hand in hand to provide optimal care for your furry companions.

The Benefits of a Wellness Plan at Lynbrook Vet:

Our Wellness Plan offers a range of valuable benefits to ensure your pet’s health and well-being. With a contribution of $75 towards each consultation at any veterinary clinic, there are no limits on the number of consultations you can seek. Additionally, you’ll receive an annual vaccination allowance of $100. Also included is the convenience of monthly home delivery for flea, tick, and worming treatments at no additional cost. 

You also receive $100 annually for wellness screening blood and urine tests. 

For pets under 12 months, you can claim $100 towards desexing and for those over 12 months, you receive a $100 allowance for dental procedures. 

As a bonus, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount at an online pet store, making pet care shopping more affordable. Plus, we understand that pet health concerns can arise anytime, so we offer unlimited online vet advice from qualified veterinarians after hours, available between 6-11 pm, Monday to Sunday. 

Our Wellness Plan is designed to provide comprehensive care for your furry companions and give you peace of mind. 

How much does the Wellness Plan cost?

Our Wellness Plan costs $590 when paid yearly or $49.95* if paid monthly, making it a budget-friendly option to ensure your pet’s well-being. *The initial payment to begin monthly installments is $149.95.

Are Wellness Plans worth it?

Absolutely! The savings and benefits you’ll receive from the Wellness Plan make it a fantastic investment in your pet’s health and happiness.

Let’s consider a typical scenario: You sign up for the Wellness Plan after a routine visit, paying the annual fee of $590.

  • Immediately, you can claim $100 for your pet’s annual vaccination.
  • Your vet recommends a dental procedure with a necessary blood test, and you can claim an additional $200 towards these services.
    So that is already $300 saved….
  • Now we know dogs and cats need monthly flea, tick and worm treatment. The average spend a 22 kg dog about $250-$300 . So based on this calculation alone you are already ahead based on an investment of $590.

By considering all these savings, you can quickly see how the Wellness Plan more than pays for itself and offers peace of mind in case of unexpected health concerns.

How do Wellness Plans benefit vets?

At Lynbrook Vet, we adore Wellness Plans because they promote preventative care, ensuring that pets receive regular check-ups and stay healthy. This approach helps prevent sickness and dental issues, ultimately leading to happier and healthier pets. If a pet on a Wellness Plan does get sick, the discounted consultations mean that we can see them regularly and as many times as required to resolve the illness or sickness without added financial pressure on their pawrents!

Additionally, Wellness Plans are a fantastic option for pets with pre-existing conditions that cannot be insured. By providing discounted consultations and allowances for diagnostic testing, these plans make regular vet visits more affordable for all our patients.


How can you sign up for a Wellness Plan?

Signing up is simple! Click here to learn more or to sign up for a Wellness Plan and choose Lynbrook Vet as your preferred practice.

Give your pet the gift of excellent healthcare with our Wellness Plan today!

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  • Avatar Krystel H ★★★★★ a week ago
    Didn’t have a chance to read reviews prior to our visit because our beloved little Pum had a random and very scary one off seizure that sent us all into a panic yesterday afternoon. My daughter googling emergency vets while we were in a … More frenzy trying to load this precise cargo in the car resulted in us ending up here and after the care we received from the point of first contact to getting the favourite child home in one piece safe and sound was impeccable!To the lovely ladles on reception, Thankyou! You were so comforting and reassuring during the initial call at the height of our panic. Your guidance over the phone was invaluable and the service received upon arrival was brilliant. Only two calls were made to you guys and a vet closer to home and the reception from both couldn’t have been any more polar opposite which is why we ended up here and I’m so glad we did. You represented your establishment so fabulously. The vet herself and training student were also so lovely and while I never want to go through that experience ever again I’m glad we found you guys because all the reviews are pretty spot on, our family agrees and are so thankful for your help!
  • Avatar Vereena Dodds ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Everyone at Lynbrook Vet are so welcoming and caring. Everything is explained to you in great detail so that you know what is going on with your pet. I would 100% recommend them for your fur baby
  • Avatar Marissa L ★★★★★ a month ago
    Highly recommend Lynbrook Vet! I travel 30 minutes to take my fur baby Charlie and would do so in a heart beat any day. The team at Lynbrook goes above and beyond to ensure my dog had a good experience. He came in for a dental clean and … More came out with pearly shinny teeth. He did not show any signs of destress upon picking him up and came home to finish all his dinner.The lovely team provided updates throughout the day via texts and calls - it made me felt really comfortable that he was in good hands.
  • Avatar Katelyn Reynolds ★★★★★ a month ago
    Took our cat BB to the Lynbrook vet once we moved into the area. The other reviews for this vet are accurate. My cat had to go in for a dental and lump removal and the transparency and care were top notch from start to finish throughout … More the day. From the phone calls before, during and after the surgery, to the messages and photos from “our cat” to the detailed aftercare plan. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff in both the vet team and the admin staff. These are our vet team through and through.
  • Avatar Rhiannon JH ★★★★★ a month ago
    The BEST veterinary practise. Amazing customer service they remember our dogs and make them feel loved and special at every visit.
  • Avatar Gabriela Zumaran ★★★★★ a month ago
    The have an excellent service and the team is really friendly and caring. I will recommend Lynbrook vet to all my friends. They look after my little one so good.

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