Tara ( Star )

Surrendered – Oct 2017

Adopted –  Nov 2017

Tara was surrendered to the Greyhound Safety Net at the beginning of October 2017. She entered foster care with us soon after this time. She was an extremely clever dog, always wanting to please. She picked up her toilet training in a flash only ever had one accident in the house. She was sociable with our other resident greyhounds, displayed no food aggression and was affectionate with the adults and children alike. She formed a special bond with Dr Kunal’s elder daughter who would lie on top of Tara and stroke her as a relaxing break and Tara enjoyed it thoroughly. Tara’s story has been documented from the day she entered foster care to the day that she left us on the Facebook page Greyhounds of Knox so if you are interested please look it up.

Tara was a very lucky girl in that she found herself a home in less than four weeks. She is leaving us this week end to live with her new family in Coldstream. I think her new owners are extremely lucky in having her in their lives. She is a special dog and will make the new owners very happy. We wish her all the very best in her new life…and remember we are always here to help.

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