COVID-19 Safety Measures and Services Available to our clients

Dear Families and Valued clients,

We are going through some turbulent times at the moment and we are all feeling the effects of these unprecedented events. We face two options, we can either shut down and act in fear or take precautions and carry on. At Lynbrook Vet we choose the latter. We believe in the Australian spirit of mateship, endurance, ingenuity, teamwork, courage and resilience and know that these will get us through these tough times as they have done for our predecessors before us.

As veterinarians we understand the threats posed by this virus and are taking steps to mitigate it’s spread through our practice. These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. All surfaces contacted by clients, pets and staff are wiped regularly with appropriate virucidal chemicals (such as Trigene).
  2. Staff will sanitize hands before and after each consultation with an appropriate virucidal hand sanitiser (such as Avagard).
  3. We will prevent aggregation of people and encourage social distancing in the reception area by moving people into the cat waiting area, vacant consulting rooms and our outdoors playground/ consulting area.

We understand that some clients may be concerned about bringing their pets to the clinic out of concerns around social distancing and unnecessary exposure to other people. For such clients, we offer the following services (if they are safe and appropriate to do so for our staff).

  1. Car park consults: Once you park, you can call the clinic to let us know you have arrived for your appointment. The vet will collect your pet from the car and take them into the consulting room. We will communicate with you by phone thereby minimizing all contact between people.
  1. House Visits: We are offering house visit consultations to individuals who do not wish to leave their home however restrictions apply and our veterinarians can only attend a household in which there are no individuals that are in self-quarantine, are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

For those clients who are in quarantine, have returned home from overseas less than 14 days previously, or are unwell with symptoms consistent with or similar to COVID–19 and require veterinary services for your pet, we are able to offer the following service:

  1. Video or phone consults: We will consult with you by video call and provide as much support as possible for your unwell pet. We may be limited in the services that we are able to provide via phone as we cannot physically examine a patient but we will discuss these with you on a case by case basis.

If you pet needs veterinary assistance during these uncertain times, please give us a call on 8373 0301 and we will find a way to get them the care and treatment that they need.

The Team at Lynbrook Vet.

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