COVID-19 Safety Measures and Services Available to our clients

Dear Families and Valued clients,

At Lynbrook Vet we care deeply not just for our patients but also for our clients and one another as well. Given these current turbulent times and with Stage 4 restrictions now here in Victoria we wish to do everything in our power to protect you against COVID-19. Regrettably this means we will no longer be allowing clients into the clinic.

As a result, we will be moving to contactless but always compassionate care for your pets starting Monday the 10th of August 2020. What will this look like at Lynbrook Vet?

  • Please pre-book all appointments by calling the clinic on 8373 0301. This includes for pick-up of medications, parasite prevention and food.
  • Please do not visit the clinic if you are confirmed to have COVID-19, have been in close contact with a confirmed case or are in mandated isolation.
  • We will send you a confirmation email or text prior to your appointment. This can be shown as proof of your appointment if you are challenged on your way to the vet. Please note that it is still permissible to travel more than 5 km from your home when seeking vet care or picking up medications or food. If you prefer not to travel to pick up supplies, we can organise delivery of some products to you.
  • Please bring your phone with you to the appointment. Please ensure your cats are in secure carrier cages and dogs on either a fitted collar or harness and lead.
  • On arrival at the clinic please remain in your car and call 8373 0301.
  • When the veterinarian is ready, they will come to collect your pet from the car wearing appropriate PPE. We kindly request that you also please wear a mask unless you have a medical exemption to do so. The vet will obtain a history and discuss any concerns with you at this time or over the phone if you prefer.
  • They will then take your pet into the clinic where they will be cuddled by one of our animal attendants and nurses while they receive their health check and any other procedures required e.g. trimming nails etc. Treats and pats guaranteed!
  • The vet can then either call you or confer via video-link from the consult room and discuss any findings and recommendations. Alternatively, they can come to your car to discuss their findings.
  • The vet will then return your pet to you at your car all ready to head home!
  • Payment can be processed over the phone or by contactless methods at the car

We remain here to help take care of your pets safely with our full range of normal veterinary services still available through these times and as always, we remain available for any advice. We have our own in clinic COVID-safe Plan to further minimise risk to our clients. For sensitive cases or when farewelling a beloved pet please be assured, we will continue to provide you with the smoothest experience possible. Talk to our staff about how we can best assist you at these times.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected or navigating through this crisis. We hope you all stay safe,


Your Lynbrook Vet Team

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