Reliable Websites

The resources page is dedicated to providing our readers with vetted and reliable sources of information regarding common conditions relating to their pets. We are constantly amazed at the amount of unreliable information that exists out in the word wide web about common conditions and how many unsuspecting pet owners read and consider this information as fact. By providing our readers with a set of links that we trust and recommend we hope to be able to propagate the correct information and take the googling out pet care.

Useful Handouts

We have also prepared an extensive library of handouts that can be downloaded from the handouts page. These handouts cover such topics as postoperative care after routine surgery, rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery, management of diabetes in dogs and cats, pre-operative checklist etc. One of our motivations for putting up these handouts online rather then printing them is to use as little paper as possible in support of the environment. We hope our readers will appreciate this effort and use the handouts in electronic format where possible.

We welcome your feedback

We will continue to expand our list of links and handouts with time. If there is a topic that you would like to see in either of these sections please contact us and we will put in the time and prepare a handout or provide a link that we recommend for information about the condition.

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