Shaye Owen

Growing up, I was that girl who has always loved animals and would find and bring home strays (that my parents made me re-home!). At the age of 12 my love of horses began after completing a school project.  After 4 years of convincing my Mum, I finally got my own horse and have owned horses ever since.

Although my main passion lies in horses, over the years I have come to love and own many other animals.

My home is shared with my dogs, Misty the Border Collie, Max the Red Heeler Cross and of course my beautiful Kya, who recently after a beautiful 16yrs with me, passed away (Vale Kya). I also have 2 cats, Bell and Leo the British Short Hairs, a guinea pig  named Tim Tam, Luna the  Budgie and my 2 horses, GT and Missy.

I knew I always wanted to work with animals, but as I grew older life took me down many different paths. I worked several jobs including as a stable hand, delivery driver and warehouse pick-packer before I got married and became a mum. I raised my two beautiful children and was thrown a few curve balls over the years. After my then husband and I separated, I decided that I should follow my dreams and become a vet nurse.

In 2019 I enrolled in my Certificate III in Animal Studies specializing in vet nursing. I was the oldest in my class and it was very daunting! I hadn’t been to school for many, many, many years! It was hard work and it wasn’t an easy journey returning back to school at age 39, but I passed! And I did so with flying colours! I later enrolled in my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2020. I was stepping out of my comfort zone – I had been a stay-at-home mum for over 10 years! But I was loving every minute and have never looked back.

I volunteered in an animal shelter, getting my foot in the door to the animal industry, and later was given a trainee-ship at a vet clinic. About a year into my course I found Lynbrook Vet and was offered the opportunity to continue my learning here.

After two long, hard years of school, I finally became a qualified Vet Nurse at the age of 42! And I am today working at Lynbrook Vet Clinic living my dream!

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