Michael Brown

Just like everyone else here at Lynbrook Vet, I’ve always had a love for animals since I was kid and have always wanted work with them as a career.

After leaving school I did a Certificate II in Vet Nursing and volunteered for a couple of years at an animal shelter. While I loved it and really wanted to keep working there, I needed a job as I was now an adult and needed to make a living.

Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t have any paid positions available for me at that time, so I sought other opportunities and got a job as a barista at The Coffee Club where I worked for six and a half years. I then also took on an apprenticeship as an electrician.

Throughout that time in my life, I went through challenges and had an epiphany as I started looking at all aspects of my life, even career wise. With only 6 months left of my apprenticeship left to go, I realised I didn’t really care about what I was doing and I wasn’t happy. I needed a complete reset.

I began to think about what makes me happy and what I truly care about. All that came to my mind was music and animals. So, I decided to quit my job and take a leap of faith after hearing of an opening at Lynbrook Vet. I knew I’d be perfect for the role of animal attendant and could be happy living my dream of helping animals.

And now the rest is history! I began my new role in March 2022 and I’ve never been happier in a workplace. I can honestly now say, I love my job!

I have never met more caring, kind-hearted, passionate and supportive people than the lovely team at Lynbrook Vet, a team that I now get to call my colleagues and friends. I can’t wait to meet you and all your lovely pets and show them the care and love that they deserve.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets of my own yet, but I do have my heart set on a Saint Bernard one day in the future. Growing up I had a Cocker Spaniel named Lady, and when I was prep she had puppies, one of which we kept and I had for 16 years of my life. His name was Zola and he was a the cutest and sweetest thing!

I have a passion for music and I love going to concerts and festivals. I enjoy watching TV series (I’m a big Pokémon fan), movies, games and travelling when I can.

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