Chris Farrugia

When I was young, my mum always told me I had a way with animals. From walking my old Labrador to saving bees from my pool, animals have always been one of the biggest passions and constant loves of my life.

My interest in working with animals came to light when I first started working at a pet store. I worked in the field for several years while studying and I was lucky enough to be a store manager at a few stores. I learned a lot about animal nutrition and behavioural training while working at the pet store which only made me love animals more.

I stopped working at the pet stores for a few years to follow my other passion which revolved around music and film making. Unfortunately, my dreams in that industry went unfulfilled and I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life and where to take it. That’s when I rediscovered my passion for working with animals. I started studying Zoology and was given the opportunity to do some work experience here at Lynbrook Vet to find out what I really want to do. I learned a lot about the vet industry from the amazing nurses and veterinarians and within the first week of doing work experience, I knew who and what I wanted to be and that was a vet nurse.

I am now working full time at Lynbrook vet and studying to become a fully qualified vet nurse, and honestly I have never been happier.

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