Vet also for the people

Lynbrook Vet is a team of dedicated, veterinary professionals.

We love what we do and we care deeply for not just our team but for our patients and their humans.

new gear

Above Picture: Future Vet Elysian showing off her new gear after a visit to Lynbrook Vet.

Elysian’s mum says, “After a visit with my baby Hades to see the wonderful team at Lynbrook Vets, the kids got a vet show bag. Elysian is half way through the cat colouring in and she cannot wait for [her brother] Zander to get home from daycare so they can play vets. Such a great idea – thank you!

Danielle Kutcher of Star News recently interviewed one of our team members, Bec after the clinic’s entry in the 2021 Casey Business Awards where the wonderful Lynbrook and surrounding community got behind us and supported our entry. Bec said the community was “amazing, so close-knit”.

The article published in June 2021 continued on reading:

‘Lock downs in 2020 forced some changes to the way Lynbrook Vet served its clients, but its unwavering commitment to the community never changed.

Nor did its commitment to its employees, who were supported throughout the lock down.

Staffing hours were changed and extra animal attendants were brought on to help hold during surgery and consultations as customers weren’t allowed in.

Ms Nichols said calls to the vet skyrocketed over that time, with no stopping for the dedicated staff,

Most of the clinic’s staff live in the City of Casey, and keeping it local is incredibly important, she added.

Ms Nichols said the owners of the clinic look to hire local and support local at all times, even down to their marketing activities and purchasing of supplies.

Another innovation that helps the team is the presence of a psychologist as part of the staff.

The vet industry is known for its high level of mental health distress and suicides, and Ms Nichols said the psychologist helps keep everyone feeling supported and valued,

“It’s really important and really different,” said Ms Nichols, who in her 12 years in the industry has never seen an internal mental health support like it. But it all feeds into the clinic’s desire to do the right thing by its people.

“We want to be an employer of choice and a practice of choice,” she said.

“We have such a high care factor. We do good and we want others to do the same. We want to change the industry a little bit – by starting small in our area with things like this, we hope word can spread and other clinics take this on board.”

And that, she said, is when the clinic moves from being simply vets and clients, to being a family.


If you need help, you can reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

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