Surrendered – Mar 2018

Foster Fail – April 2018

Piya was a fragile blue greyhound when she entered foster care. She had some surgical complications which took a week or so to heal and we were a bit concerned for her at the start.  However TLC saw her through and her true personality emerged. She came to us at a time when we had lost our very first greyhound to cancer and were looking at having another greyhound in the house.

We fell for Piya, she had a very relaxed easy going personality, she was great with the kids, she was affectionate and she was stunning. All she wanted was a walk and a couch to sleep on and we gladly provided her with one.

Piya loves walks, and walks and more walks! She is a bit funny with slippery floors and will not climb the stairs. She has taken over the couch that I bought for myself in my study and gives me a dirty greyhound looks if I ever dare to sit on it.

Piya is now part of the Nagaich family.

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