Surrendered-  Feb 2018

Adopted – Apr 2018

Felix was a beautiful giant of a greyhound. He was surrendered to Greyhound Safety Net in February 2018 which is when he came to stay with us.  Felix was just the biggest greyhound that we had ever seen and by virtue of his size he just broke all the rules of the house.

Before Felix dogs were not allowed on the couch. However when a 38 kg greyhound decides to become a sack of potatoes on your couch there is not much that you can do about it ! He also would curl up on the couch with his soft toy and we just did not have the heart to push him off.

This beautiful boy passed his green collar assessment with GAP and found a loving forever home in April 2018. He is now a poster boy of sorts and visits various exhibitions promoting Greyhound Adoption.

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