Dr Kunal Nagaich

About Dr Kunal Nagaich
I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I must admit though I took what I would like to call the scenic route to becoming a veterinarian. I studied engineering at the University of Adelaide and worked as an oil field engineer for the first 5 years of my professional career. While in the middle of the ocean I had a lot of time think about what I really wanted to do with my life and I realised that working with and fixing machines was not my thing. I enjoyed everything to do with animals and wanted to be a veterinarian.

I had found my calling. So when the opportunity presented itself, I pounced on it and with the help of my wife and family navigated the next five years to become a veterinarian. I have now been a veterinarian longer then I was an engineer and I can safely say that I made the right choice. Changing my career was not an easy thing to do but I made the decision and jumped, the universe then conspired to see me safely through. The journey was difficult but the end result is that I am in a job (if you can call what I do a job) that I love and enjoy. I don’t have the Monday blues anymore, I look forward to each day with excitement and I feel good at the end of the day after having helped so many people and animals. I feel blessed to have discovered my ‘why’ in life and to be able to fulfill my purpose each day. If you would like to have a chat about changing your career or are in need of support while you make this decision, I would be happy to have a chat and provide support.

My Philosophy
Lynbrook Vet represents Alina’s and my effort to make a difference in the field of veterinary science. It is our aim to provide our staff with an exceptional work environment and through them to provide our clients and patients with the highest levels of veterinary care. In our technical decisions, the welfare and wellbeing of our patient remains our top priority and we will always act in a manner that enhances this.

My Qualifications and interests
I graduated with Honours in Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne. I have since completed year long-distance education courses in Small Animal Surgery, Clinical Pathology and Internal Medicine from the University of Sydney. My particular interest is in the field of small animal surgery, which I continue to develop. Prior to veterinary science, I hold a Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Adelaide.

My Furry and feathery family
I have two greyhounds Aisha and Chanda and a pigeon called Becky. Aisha is from the greyhound adoption program while Chanda was rescued from a pound. Becky was handed into a clinic that I used to work at and never left so I brought her home. I also routinely foster greyhounds for the Greyhound Safety Net so my family increases quite frequently. I have found fostering to be immensely satisfying. For those interested in fostering please see our Facebook page Greyhounds of Knox.

About Alina
Alina is an exceptional veterinarian and I am privileged to work with her. She is smart, dedicated and thoughtful. She is quite knowledgeable and risk-averse as a clinician. As a result, her clients get a lot of condensed factual information and safe advice for their pets. Her further qualification in small animal internal medicine and continuing education in small animal ultrasonography is a great asset to our clinic. When Alina handles a case I can sit back and relax, as I know the patient and client are in the best possible hands. If I were not a veterinarian myself, she would be my veterinarian of choice for my pets because I could always trust her to provide me with good and solid advice for the wellbeing of my pet.

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