Dr Alina Lavelle-Fry

About Dr Alina Lavelle-Fry

I have always loved animals and visiting the Talk to the Animals Expo at age 4 I declared that I wanted to be an animal doctor, like Dr Harry Cooper when I grew up. Many things changed over the years but the dream and the motivations behind being a veterinarian never did. My reason for being a veterinarian has always been to help animals and the desire to never see animals suffering or in pain. I understand how fortunate I am to have realised my dream with the support of my family and friends and am grateful I get to wake up every day and do something that I love.  

My Philosophy

In opening Lynbrook Vet, Kunal and I look to bring to the local community a vet clinic where your pets matter. We want to make a positive impact in the lives of all our clients and their pets by practicing high quality veterinary medicine and surgery. Animal welfare is always at the forefront of all our decisions. We also aim to create an environment that everyone, whether it be our clients, staff or visitors love coming to.

Qualifications and Training

I completed my veterinary studies at the University of Melbourne, graduating with honours. I have since worked in several small animal practices and also worked within a greyhound specialty practice. I have also worked within the welfare shelter industry. I have completed further training in small animal internal medicine through the Centre for Veterinary Education at the University of Sydney and through the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

I am a qualified member of the college in Small Animal Medicine (MANZCVS). Currently I am completing a 2-year Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound at the University of Melbourne.

My family

Along with my husband, we are parents to 4 babies, 2 human and 2 furry! I have a Staffy X Mastiff named Rusty who was a rescue through the charity Project Underdog Rescue, after requiring surgery to repair a damaged cruciate ligament. I also have a cat called Midnight whom I adopted from a prior vet clinic I worked at after he and his litter mates were surrendered to the clinic.

About Kunal

Kunal is a fantastic veterinarian and his many great attributes are the reason that I would not choose anyone else to go into this venture with as we open the doors of our custom-built vet clinic in Lynbrook. He is smart, compassionate and goes above and beyond to help an animal where he sees the opportunity. He has opened his home to many foster animals. He is dedicated to providing the best care and always furthering his knowledge to remain current. I would trust him with the care of my furry family.

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