Alysha Hart

I chose this career path because in my life I’ve always found solace in the creatures I’ve been lucky enough to share my journey with.

Animals make me feel whole. Their happiness is never ending and their love is unconditional. Some of my best friends in life have been the ones who have never said a word to me.

Before vet nursing I studied fashion for 3years, receiving an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. Once finishing this I trotted off for 12months around the world, visiting 16 countries. Once I was home I began work in the fashion industry and quickly realized it wasn’t for me. So back to the classroom, I began my vet nursing voyage and 6years in I’ve not once looked back. At home I have a cheeky Saint Bernard named Elsie and a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred named Puff.

As a vet nurse my goal is to make each patient a friend. I hope I can make their vet visit as calm & enjoyable as possible filled with all the good stuff like treats and pats. I’m passionate about animal welfare and contributing to providing exceptional veterinary care to help our furry family members live long, happy, healthy lives.

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