Kristie Roach

From the moment I could walk and talk, all I ever wanted to do was be around animals.


Looking back at pictures I drew in 3-year-old kinder, everything was related to pets and becoming a vet nurse.


I began my carer in the veterinary industry when I was just 15 years old and haven’t looked back! My roles have included animal attending, dog training and being a trainee veterinary nurse. I have a passion for behaviour and training and am one of the puppy preschool instructors here at Lynbrook Vet.


Between me and my family we have 4 dogs (Mack an American Staffy X Mastiff, Brax a Groodle, Odie a Boerboel X Husky and Jetta an English Staffy), 9 cats (Spirit, Senator, Pookie, Jade, Hugo, Eevee, Mia, Ash and Piper), a Blue Tongue lizard named Sparky, an Eclectus Parrot named Bruno, a Rainbow Lorikeet named Cruze and a Rabbit named Frosty. Yep…. You read that correctly! 17 beautiful furry, scaly and feathered family members between us.


As you can tell, I LOVE animals of all shapes and sizes and couldn’t imagine life without them.