Dr Melisabeth Cooper Fell

I spent life as a little human on a sheep farm in South Gippsland. I was going to be a farmer.
Later however, I would settle on the short list of vet, archaeologist or nun. I still would love to be an archaelogist, some days a palaeontologist but I can cross becoming a vet off my list – I have been a vet for half of my life now!
My path to Lynbrook has been long and winding one having travelled from Queensland to Ferntree Gully to London to Sale to the last six years when I became a locum vet.
I first met Kunal when he needed cover while he was away and I rocked up after working all day with three orphaned kittens in tow. He was lovely to them and he passed my kitten test which was the start of my association with Lynbrook Vet. The clinic was a lot smaller then and each time I came back, it was a little bigger again with new faces amongst the old.
Despite my earlier ambitions of running a farm, I have worked exclusively with dogs and cats in both private and shelter capacities. My main focus in my day to day is making a patient’s visit as stress free as possible.
My family at home includes three tortoiseshell cats, Little Liquorice Moo, Miss Cicada Cat and Juniper the Fancy. We also have a tribe of chickens named after various female warriors and goddesses: Boudicea, Bridget, Brunhilde, Mab, Zorya, Valkyrie and little Lavender, she who lays the blue eggs.
Apart from vetting, I write short stories and am working on a novel. I love cooking and baking and about to explore an interest in brewing apple cider. When I travel it is usually to far away wind swept islands, ancient sites or somewhere in the path of a total solar eclipse.

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