Cornelia Adolfsson

I’m Cornelia, one of the surgical nurses here at LynbrookVet!

I have been nursing since 2019 in vet clinics and animal care facilities. I completed my bachelors in Agricultural and Veterinary Biomedicine and have a a Certificate III in Vet Nursing. I also have further certificates in exotics, surgical and treatment care, with a special focus on native Australian wildlife.
I live with my two feline soulmates Coralee and Melaleuca.
Coralee is a gorgeous Balinese with a loud voice and an even louder personality! Melaleuca, or Leuca for short, is my favourite boy in the entire world! He was found in a bin as a little kitten and stole my heart the second he arrived into my care. He has lived with me since, and we are never going to part!
I have proudly decked out my entire apartment to be feline friendly and love a chat about anything cat! If you like cat chat, come say hello in clinic but prepare to see hundreds of photos of my cats!
I grew up on a farm in Sweden and have lived in Australia since 2016. I quickly fell in love with all the native wildlife and have consequently become a registered wildlife carer and rescuer. This means, my home is always filled with lots of cuddly, furry, feathered and scaled friends! In my spare time I volunteer for Sea Shepherd, RSPCA, The Humaine Animal Rescue AUS and Wildlife Victoria. You can also often find me off camping with the kitties or enjoying a hike in nature.
I am excited to be a part of the Lynbrook family, sharing my work space with likeminded people and caring for gorgeous patients!
Looking forward to seeing you all around the clinic soon!
Meows and purrs,

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